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Rochads is a digital marketing agency based out of Faridabad. We offer 360 degree digital marketing solutions including Search Engine Marketing, Pay Per Click, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Performance Marketing and complete Digital marketing solutions.


We are an emerging mobile affiliate network that focusses on providing performance based online marketing for advertisers and publishers.


At Rochads, we are passionate about the digital world and thereby generating efficient business for you.We deliver services which are transparent andflexible for both publishers and advertisers.We have a small team of experienced digital marketers who manage campaigns for the top-notch brands. Our specialization lies in Web and Mobile campaigns.

Our Modes

CPM: Cost Per Email

In CPM campaigns, the cost is calculated according to the number of emails that have been sent.

CPO: Cost Per Open

In CPO campaigns, the advertiser only pays for emails that have been opened.

CPR: Cost Per Registration

In CPR campaigns, the cost is calculated according to the number of new registrations that have been done successfully.

CPL: Cost per leads

CPL campaign works well when you already have huge traffic. In this type of campaign, here you pay whenever a customer provides contact information.

CPC: Cost per click

CPC is the price you pay for each click on one of PPC ads in platforms such as Bing Ads or Google AdWords.

CPM: Cost per thousand views

CPM is the amount which depends upon how frequently the ad is shown to a user.

CPT: Cost per transaction

It allows advertisers to pay only when a visitor clicks on the advertisement, completes a transaction or sale.

CPO: Cost per order

A fixed percentage per order. In CPO campaigns, the publisher only pays for effective transactions.

CPV: Cost-Per-View

In CPV campaigns, one pays for video advertisements based on the number of views or interactions an advertisement receives.

CPA/CPS: Cost per action/Cost per sale

In CPA or CPS campaigns, an advertiser pays for a specified acquisition e.g. sale, form submission e.g. newsletter sign up, contact request, registrations etc.

CPD: Cost per day

CPD is the amount that gets paid for every day that an ad is on a webpage/site for the whole day.

CPI: Cost per Install

In such campaigns, payment is made only if the app is installed on users devices after they clicked on an ad.

CPR:Cost per rating

The cost per rating point is also known as CPP,is the cost it takes to reach a certain desired goal.

CPD: Cost Per Download

In such campaigns, payment is made only if the app is installed on users’ devices after they clicked on an ad.

CPS: Cost Per Subscription

In CPS campaigns, the cost is calculated based on the number of subscriptions done successfully e.g. newsletter sign up.



ROCHADS Working Process

Honesty, teamwork and goal – these are the beliefs that we stand by. We consider every new project as a challenge and put the maximum efforts to get the right solution for your business.

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Adherence to Quality Standards

Experience, Innovation and Industry knowledge helps us in our work. Be it anything and everything, we believe in making it unique.

Unmatched Solution for Clients Need

We believe in getting in-depth understanding of the client’s requirement and provide you with a fit advice facilitating you to take a well-versed business decision.

Innovation is our key

Innovation is what we can’t compromise for. To take you to the pinnacle and make your website easy to navigate, and user-friendly, we are geared up all and so much more….


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Our Team

Rohit Chaudhary
Ashu Chaudhary
Asst Manager
Avneet Kaur
Business Head (Web&Mobile)
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  • We have a team of experienced professionals that focus on delivering high-end web solutions.
  • We are up-to-date with the latest technologies and online trends
  • We are experienced in providing solutions for mobile devices
  • We deliver on time
  • We do not break your budget
  • We are a cohesive team that cares about clients
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